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Ashlock's Maze

by Pieter

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The great arithmancer Daniel Ashlock, professor at an adventuring school, has disappeared right before the exam period. Fortunately, he left an exam for his first-year students to take, which is administered by one of his student assistants. The exam consists of a triplet of mazes, which the characters have to conquer in collaboration by using their ingenuity, skills, and knowledge of arithmancy.

Ashlock’s Maze is an adventure designed for a party of up to eight 1st-level characters, and can be played in about 4 hours. If the players are not interested in puzzle solving, they should probably give this adventure a pass. If the players manage to discover the underlying mathematical principles of the three mazes, they can progress through them efficiently, though more conventional approaches to solving the puzzles will work as well.

The module works best if the three 5e SRD modules (which come standard with a Fantasy Grounds license) are also loaded, so that the links to monsters and items work. While the adventure can be played easily without maps, maps are included just in case. The module is particularly useful to a GM who needs to track where players are within the mazes. The module also comes with a collection of tokens, which can be used to set up the Wizard Lock and Orrery puzzles.

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