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SagaBorn Roleplaying Game Core System

by mbielaczyc

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The SagaBorn Roleplaying System is an old school D20 system that encourages story driven play, cinematic combat, and great character customization.

* This 8 level system was created for the Dark Return, but can be used in almost any Fantasy Setting.

  • Seven playable species: elves, dwarves, half-dwarves, humans, elflings, feral elflings, and fauns.
  • Three classes and 8 paths: fighter, berserker, archeon, luminar, wylder, bard, ranger, and rogue.
  • Simplified skill system: only nine skills covering all the things an adventurer may need to know or be skilled in.
  • Talent system: replacing the prerequisite feat system is a point based talent system
  • Heroic action: a simple system to resolve most conflicts. Each party rolls a D20, adds the coinciding bonus, and the highest roller wins!
  • A mana based magic system. Spells organized by mana cost with no level or class restrictions.

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