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5e - Sentient Items

by MyGivinOpinion

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Sentient Items

As magic returns to the world, so too do the wonderous entities known as Sentient Items. These items had restrictions to their abilities, limiting them to a specific race or class. Leaving those not meeting this criteria, wondering what secrets the item truly held.

You can now bestow this wonderment on your players by adding out new extension Sentient Items to your list. We bring back race and class requirements for magical abilities to sentient items. The items contained in this module(with more to be released), will get the group involved more in what items they are carrying and adds to the mystery of an item that's been identified, that won't share it's abilities with it's wielder.

Items contained in the module will interact with the extension, permitting the item to delete sections of it's description. Effectively, hiding abilities from the user.

Now with character level and alignment!

AND NOW SELF-UPDATING! No longer will the DM need to update the item in question!


These items do not require attunement as the item attunes to the user. Any Sentient Items made by yourself should NOT be attunable.

The DM must drag a new item from the ref doc if the item is transferred between players. The description has already been modified and will no longer function with the extension should a player share the object with another player. It must come from the DM.

Any custom items made by yourself must come from a module.

User made modules can be updated in session by simply reloading the module after exporting, for quick fixes.

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