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Endless Wizard Tower (39 maps)

by AngelaMaps

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The Endless Wizard Tower consists of 37 ready to go floors as well as 2 blank floors for whatever you might need. The way I envisioned it is that the floors don’t go in any particular order. Going up from floor 3 doesn’t necessarily put you at floor 4. Maybe it puts you at floor 8. And maybe going back down again doesn’t return you to 4, it instead puts you on 15. Maybe you end up at 4d10 – 4 every time you take any stairs? Or maybe you can just pick and choose which floors will play into your story and use those. However you use it, this is a very big tower and I hope you enjoy it. Here is the full floor listing:

00 – Sewer – Perhaps you climbed up to this floor from a sewer entrance, or down to it from higher in the tower
01 – Underdark – An entrance or exit floor possibly connected to the underdark
02 – Ground Floor– I pictured you walking into a reception area, a bored intern sitting at the desk to great you.
03 – Fire – Yeah, it’s hot here
04 – Chess – Wizard chess? Normal Chess?
05 – Demonic – Whatever rituals are cast here probably aren’t friendly
06 – Brewery – I think the wizard enjoys a nice mug of ale or wine from time to time
07 – Aquarium – Good thing it’s magic or that water would spill right down the stairs. Anyone have underwater breathing?
08 – Assembly Line – What is (s)he making? Potions?
09 – Garden – Nice place to grow all those potion ingredients you need
10 – Casting – Just a casting room
11 – Chapel – To worship… something?
12 – Frozen – This room seems to be very very cold
13 – Golem – You really do need a room for crafting golems, right?
14 – Spider – I think your party may need to fight here, seems infested with spiders
15 – Maze – Perfectly pleasant place for a picnic, really
16 – Beach – You could ask “why is there a beach in a tower” but I think a better question is… “why the boat?”
17 – Prison – Wizard enemies could be locked up here
18 – Desert – Perhaps this wise sphinx could help you out of this tower
19 – Forest – As a druid, I fully support you having some sweet druid loot on this level for your resident druid
20 – Bottle Storage – Maybe its just where he chills his wine. Or maybe these are some sort of potions or explosives?
21 – Clones – Clones, or maybe zombies, nothing good is happening in this lab either way
22 – Trashed – I think the wizard had a bit of a temper tantrum here
23 – Inn – For all your short and long rest needs
24 – Crypt – I wonder who the wizard felt was worth burring here?
25 – Lab – Alchemy lab for brewing
26 – Jumping – This is a floor the wizard can just jump out of. Or send owls out of. Or gryphons. Whatever suits you
27 – Library – Full of arcane secrets, I’m sure
28 – Stable – If you look close you’ll find one of those horses is a unicorn
29 – Vampire – The wizard’s third cousin is a vampire who’s a messy eater. Or something.
30 – Treasure – Oh I do so hope you make all this gold an illusion. Or painted wood pieces. The real treasure is in the vault.
31 – Void – White, in all directions. Pure white. A dream? Altered reality? So many weird things you can do here.
32 – Titan – I had in mind a dead titan, still radiating energy making the whole place bloom
33 – Tentacle – Tower dragons are so boring, have a tower kraken instead
34 – Observatory – The whole room seems to be in the stars, as though you’re floating among them
35 – Gift shop – Here is what the signs say: New! Novelty Sarcophagi, Wizard Plushies, Magic Tonic, Gold ™, Autographs – No two are the same, Gazing Orbs, SALE! Tome of forbidden ™ knowledge, Mystery Orbs, and Wizard Trading Cards, collect them all! You will note he is also selling keychains, and those colorful scoopable rocks that are in basically every cheesy gift shop ever. There are no stairs going up, you seem to be at the top. There is an exit to an air ship.
36 – Penthouse – The wizards little one (wo)man apartment at the top.

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