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Player's Option crits and init, Hackmaster 4E, and additional automation

by Sterno

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I've created an extension for the 2E ruleset that adds the critical hits from Player's Option: Combat & Tactics, adds some additional automation for basic 2E rules (such as to-hit modifiers for weapon type vs armor), and also adds some house rules that are similar to rules seen in Hackmaster. Almost everything in this mod is toggleable.

The code is all freely available at Github, and there is a readme file there which goes into much more detail than I can on these forum due to a character limit: Github Page. Discussions or bug reports for this extension can go to this forum thread for it in the 2E forums.

If you plan to use this extension, taking a look at that readme is well worth it (though it's slightly out of date and missing a few of the newer features).

A brief overview of what's currently implemented:

Again, as a reminder, you can pick and choose what you want to use from this extension by toggling any option to "off".

"Always On" features

  • Added a radial menu to the player's Action tab attack button, that allows for quickly added modifiers like rear attacks, called shots, cheater dice (always 1 or 20), etc.
  • Added a radial menu to the Delay button the player action tab that allows for specific delay of 1-10 segments.
  • Added "Act" and "Done" buttons to the top of the player Action tab that allows them to move their init to the next segment or signify that their turn is done.
  • Added a radial menu to the GM Combat Tracker NPC weapons that allow the same as above.
  • Added a radial menu to the GM Combat Tracker actor list (the part on the left) that allows you to change their initiative (set to 1 or 10, delay, etc) or add/remove common effects (stunned, prone, etc)
  • Added an "Items" section to the Encounter and Random Encounter records so you can spawn specific items on a creature. Pairs well with the "Adjust NPC AC for Items and Abilities" option.
  • A bunch of new effects, most of which tie in to the option systems, but a few like DMGDX which are general purpose.
  • Added some radial menu options to the CT actor that allow you to quickly add effects for some common light source types and vision types, or remove all light sources.

Player's Option Rules

  • Combat & Tactics Critical Hits - Implements the critical hits system from the 2E Combat & Tactics book, complete with damage type vs creature type, and severities based on weapon size and creature size.
  • Combat & Tactics Initiative - Implements the phased initiative system from the 2E Combat & Tactics book.

Additional Automation

  • Adjust NPC AC for items and abilities - NPC armor class will be affected by worn armor, rings, dexterity, etc. If you're going to put armor on an orc, make sure you set it's base AC to 10 first!
  • Allow Player Cheater Dice - toggles if they have a button to force a roll of 1 or 20
  • Alternate Condition Modifiers - Changes how some effects like prone/restrained stack
  • Generate Hit Locations - Just for flavor, shows where a hit occurred
  • Ring Bell on Round Start - Rings the bell when it's a player's turn
  • Set Unrolled NPC Init to 99 - Set to 99 at start of round until they manually roll
  • Set Unrolled PC Init to 99 - Set to 99 at start of round until they manually roll
  • Stricter Resistance Rules - Changes how resistance works with multiple damage types (like a morningstar's bludgeoning/piercing vs a skeleton, which would be resisted in the base ruleset but not with this option enabled). Need work though since neither this nor the base ruleset really has it fully right yet in all cases, in my opinion.
  • Weapon vs Armor to-hit modifiers - Automates the weapon type vs armor tables from 2E (or whatever you set as custom values) like, for, example, +2 to-hit with bludgeoning vs chainmail

Hackmaster House Rules

  • Armor Damage - Armor soaks damage per hit and slowly degrades
  • Enable Comeliness - Adds stat to PC sheet
  • Enable Honor - Adds honor which can affect dice rolls (+1 or -1 to all dice)
  • Hackmaster 10-segment initiative - Uses the HM init system where all action occurs on segments 1-10, with 11+ rolling over to the next round.
  • Hackmaster critical hits - uses the crit charts from Hackmaster (including severity calculations and size differences)
  • Hackmaster fatigue rules - Not quite RAW, but pretty close, slowly gaining fatigue in combat which can affect str/dex
  • Hackmaster stat scaling - Use the Ability Score modifiers from Hackmaster rather than 2E (generally, they're higher)
  • Hit Point Kickers - Add bonus HP to every NPC when they spawn on the CT.
  • HM Called Shot Modifiers - Use the HM tables for called shot modifiers rather than the flat -4 of 2E
  • Monster Thac0 Based on HM Attack Matrix - Doesn't reproduce the attack matrix from hackmaster, but does set Thac0 according to those charts
  • Penetration Dice - Damage/heals explode upward if maximum is rolled
  • Reaction Adjustment Affects Init - Dex affects init
  • Threshold of Pain - Chance to be stunned if an actor takes 50% of max health in a round.
  • Use Fumble Tables - Spice things up on a natural 1
  • What can hurt magic armor (if using armor damage?) - Specifies how magic armor takes damage under the armor damage system

I will post major updates to the extension to this description, but the latest code is always available at the project's Github page if you want to just grab it and zip it into an extension yourself. 

WARNING: This extension touches a lot of systems (combat, initiative, character sheet, combat tracker, etc) and overrides or in some cases reproduces a lot of the 2E ruleset code, so any time the 2E ruleset updates and has changes in those areas, there is a chance that this extension will break or cause undesired behavior until I get it updated. If you run into any bugs, before reporting them against the ruleset to Celestian, disable the extension first and see if it still occurs. Most of the extension file names end in "*_po.lua" so if you see a bug pop up in the console with a filename that ends like that, it's pretty safe to blame the extension. You can submit bug reports to me in this thread or find me in the #dnd_classic_2e channel on FG's Discord.

Note to FGC Users: I am not writing this extension with backwards compatibility for Fantasy Grounds Classic in mind. If you are using Fantasy Grounds Classic, I recommend using the attachment in this forum thread, which contains an older copy of my extension that is frozen in time at the same time that FGC stopped updating. Using the newer extension as I continue to make updates may not work with Fantasy Grounds Classic.

Credit/License Notes:  Some radial menu icons are from and used under CC by 3.0 license .

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