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Orianna’s Magical Shop, Seamstress’s house, Stables

by AngelaMaps

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You enter, and immediately before you you see glass display cases full of various confectionaries. The display cases give way on each side to a more general bar-height counter top that continues in a semi-circle which encompasses the area you’re standing in. Then looking about you notice that the area behind the counter itself is divided into three distinct sections, clearly marking the three different shops. You also see archways just behind the counter in each of the dividers providing access between the shops.

The shop to the left is the most austere of the bunch. You see a couple of weapon racks and armor stands, as well as another doorless archway leading, presumable to a back room.

The shop to the right looks significantly more ornate and expensive. The floors decorative tile, the walls rich wood panels with crown molding and baseboards. The furniture reminds you of the storage area of a museum. High quality cabinets with many various sized drawers. One of these drawers pulled completely from the cabinet and sitting on top, revealing it to be separated into a grid of tiny compartments, each housing some object or artifact.

In the center, behind the glass cases filled with sweets you see an open floor confectionary. Large stoves with several huge pots, shelves with many labeled and various sized jars, and in the center is a large, smooth, stone counter. Floating in an open space are what appears to be three metal rods rotating slowly around each other, stretching a large glob of what you assume is some sugary treat.

Description by DM Kevin.

I rounded out the map pack with a couple other buildings I had been working on… a stable/coach house and a seamstress’s house and shop.

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