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Pathfinder 2 Creature Parser

by darrenan

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This extension adds a 'Parse' tab to each NPC record, allowing you to paste in a complete NPC stat block and parse it directly into the NPC record.

Instructions (see accompanying screenshots for examples):

  1. Click 'Bestiary' sidebar button to bring up the Bestiary record list. (if you don't have a 'Bestiary' sidebar button, go to Options-Sidebar to turn it on).
  2. Click the green 'Add Item' button.
  3. Click the 'Parse' tab.
  4. Paste the stat block that you want to parse into the large text field below the PARSE and SHOW PARSE LOG buttons.
  5. Click the PARSE button.

The 'Main', 'Spells', and 'Other' tab should now contain the parsed NPC. If anything looks incorrect, you can click the SHOW PARSE LOG button which will cause diagnostic information to be emitted into the chat window.

Forum discussion thread here.

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