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Generic Battle Maps - Outdoor Pack 1

by Aladars Assets

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Seven ready-made outdoor battle maps for use in any fantasy setting. They are compatible with any ruleset.  All maps are designed to be very generic for use in a wide range of scenarios, from random encounters to pre-written locations. 

However, they are not just simple image imports.  Each one has line of sight, lighting and other FGU effects carefully drawn in.  These are done in separate layers, so that the GM can disable features to tailor usage.  (Please note, some effects, like campfire lighting and smoke, are off by default and need to be specifically enabled).

These maps are sizable, with lots of room to move around.  Objects have been designed to impede movement less often, to facilitate token pathing.  For example, tree trunks are drawn to block vision but not movement.  Cliffs and boulders block movement as windows and allow the player to click them "open" to simulate climbing.

The images do NOT include grids; that functionality is overlayed by FGU.  Therefore, each map is can easily be switched to square or hex.

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