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by Zarestia

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This extension creates tooltips for the supported nodes which you can see while hovering over each name. The tooltip also gets updated if the node itself is updated. Most common special characters get converted to display correctly on the tooltip, this is not feasible for tables.

Supported Rulesets:
2E, 3.5E, PFRPG, 4E, 5E, SFRPG, PFRPG2

Supported nodes:
Spells/Powers, Traits/Feats/etc. (everything except normal textlines in the abilities tab), NPC feats (only 3.5e/PFRPG/SFRPG)

Things I'd like to do with this in the future which are more complex:
- Items with respect to identified/unidentified

This extension is pretty modular and additional rulesets or nodes can be easily added.
This is the data format. You can of course also use the global TooltipManager functions I provide to create your own.
I need the following information:
- Ruleset name (e.g. 5E, I addedDND)
- Node type name (e.g. powers)
- Each DB node name and the corresponding wanted label if it's different from the capitalized DB node name

DND5E = {
    powers = {
        { "name", "" },
        { "level", "" },
        { "school", "" },
        { "ritual", "" },
        { "castingtime", "Casting Time" },
        { "range", "" },
        { "components", "" },
        { "duration", "" },
        { "description", "" }

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