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Necromancer's Lair

by mikwewa

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This necromancer's lair can serve as many encounter locations, but we love mystery around necromancers, so here it is! Use it as hideout, lair, dungeon, fight spot, or as the party's safe place during the chaotic times!

The idea behind the western entrance hall is to make a modular dungeon, so other releases will follow in the coming months, completing a massive dungeon with some extra written goodies!

Enjoy your adventuring!

Maps made by MikWewa Maps.
Fantasy Grounds Adaptation by Evolivolution.

Battlemap properties:

  • Resolution: 4900x3500px @ 140 DPI
  • Grid: 35x25 @ 140px
  • Variations: Original, Dark, Blood, Frozen, Foggy, Haunted, Ritual, Dusk, Void and Empty
  • Total: 10 Maps
  • LOS: Yes
  • Lighting: On selected Maps (Dark)

UUID 4fce1194-38bf-11ed-8c52-0050562be458