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Advanced Charsheet

by Zarestia

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This is actually my first ever extension which evolved over the past 1.5 years and birthed most of my other extensions. After all this time only in private play it's time to unleash the beast into the wild.

First of all, great care has been done by me and fellow developers to make extensions compatible with each other.

Added compatibility

  • All of my own extensions
  • Drain and Permanent Bonuses by bmos
  • Advanced Item Actions by bmos
  • Live HP by bmos
  • Extra Actions by Zygmunt (after they update the pull request) :)
  • Extended Automation by Kelrugem
  • Sanity Tracker by bmos
  • Malady Tracker by bmos

All other extensions should work. If you find some incompatibilities please let me know in the forum thread. This extension does several things and I will list them by character sheet tab.

Above tabs

  • Displays notes, race, class, and a bigger portrait in every tab.
  • Adds an "add" button to the race and class. After adding a race, the add race button changes to a link. After adding a class, the add class button stays to easily add another class. Both buttons open each their corresponding overview list.
  • Adds optional Hero Points for PFRPG (double-click to use)


  • Doesn't list race and class anymore.
  • Complete redesign of the layout.
  • Adds the Base Attack field for easier tracking of such a vital number.
  • Adds resistances, immunites, and other special qualities fields beneath damage reduction. These have like damage reduction no automation.
  • Adds a notesbox with formatted text


  • Changed sizes and offsets


  • Adds a class identifier to the class abilities if the characters has more than one class for easier identification. This can be turned on/off via the per user option Advanced Charsheet: Show Class Identifier. The default is off.


  • Adds a slot field besides the location. This has no automation.


  • Removes the now redundant notes from here.


  • Splits into Spells, Weapons, Items, and Others. These can be changed by the now additional horizontal tabs. The Spells tab is the default when loading and spell classes get automatically added here.
  • Deleted the display mode cycler. The only display mode is now actions.
  • Spells, Items, and Others are all tabs for spell classes to easier distribute the possbile spell classes and spells for items, feats, class features, racial features, etc. They share the same current mode. If you change the mode on one tab, you change them on all
  • Weapons is pretty much the same as before
  • If you are using Advanced Item Actions, spells from scrolls or wands now automatically land in the Items tab
  • Adds an action tracker to track standard, move, full-round, and swift actions. These have no automation. This can be turned on/off via a per usr option Advanced Charsheet: Show Action Tracker. The default is off.


  • Some size and offset changes in templates

I hope I did not forget anything.

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