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Generic Battle Maps - Cavern Tileset

by Aladars Assets

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Twenty-three simple cavern battle maps for use as a tileset. They are compatible with any ruleset.  All maps are designed to be very generic for use in a wide range of scenarios, from random encounters to pre-written locations.  These maps are used together as a set.  If the battle spills over into a chase, or the party needs to travel some distance while still on a map, a new tile can be brought up.  Just find one with a matching direction in the name and the roads will line up.

These maps are sizable, with lots of room to move around.  Line of sight and ambient light are enabled, but there aren't any effects on these maps.  They are in 4K resolution.  Overall, they are quicker and less taxing than our normal maps. 

The background is black to hide line of sight drawings from the players.  Some maps have secret walls that can be enabled or disabled  The flex cross map can be used to "turn" the tileset and force exploration in a certain direction.  Just enable or disable the secret doors to block a direction you'd rather not have the players explore.

The images do NOT include grids; that functionality is overlayed by FGU.  Therefore, each map is can easily be switched to square or hex.

This module really is free.  Take it without guilt.  If you want to support us, buy one of our other products and enjoy.

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