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BARON Theme for Fantasy Grounds Unity

by TheSimpleDM

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UPDATED 02/20/24 - Up to FGU v 4.4.9 NO ERRORS

LORD over Your Fantasy Grounds VTT BARON Style!  All at a Peasants Price, FREE!

The BARON Theme for Fantasy Grounds Unity is inspired by the vivid warmth of the 8-BIT Era.  ATARI, Shag Carpet, Wood Accents, Red Boxes, and Blue!

But, under its colors, BARON redefines the intelligence of Fantasy Grounds UI.  Across its different data types, Reference, Story, Combat and PC Management.

Reference Manual & Ruleset dialogs are framed Leatherbound upon paper.  Campaign Dialogs are framed in Black Gloss Slate with vivid buttons and input.  Assets & Options dialogs framed upon Green Tinted Glass.  Chatbox, Sidebar, and Hotbar are framed in Wood with Gold Buttons & Accents. With PC & Party dialogs framed in Gold & Gray Wood lined in warm felt.

In true BARON Fashion, the Chatbox delivers a "cross-hatch" drop animation, and the Dice Tower commands Flaming Prayers for Mercy upon use!

Add the BARON Theme to Your Fantasy Grounds Unity Experience Today.

In Free Tribute,
Lord Simple

* Fantasy Grounds'AURA - EARTH Dice Pack'pictured, not included.  Use of FG Dice Packs Requires an additional purchase from SmiteWorks, Fantasy Grounds for use:

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