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Unoffical ruleset for WFRP 4th edt.

by ShakyLuigi

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This is fanmade unnofical ruleset of WFRP 4th edt. to be used with Fantasy Grounds. No content from the official sources are included in this, and it is not in any way endorsed by any of the game's copyright holders.


- Dice rolls with levels of success for combat, characteristics and skills.

- Add Talents, Careers, Prayers, Spells and Species to a master list.

- Drag and drop from the lists above on the character sheet.

- Armour calculation, both for Quick Armour and for body parts.


Remember, this is a basic fanmade version, so don't expect every functionality to be available. I am at this time working on this ruleset, but it is in my spare time, so updates are not reguarly.

Any bugs or requests for functionality is greatly appreciated and can be reported in the forum thread.

See the forum thread for updates.

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