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PFS2 Official Pregens (Iconics)

by DDySean

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An module containing of all of the Pathfinder Society 2 legal pregens at all available levels (as released by Paizo).

NOTE: As per Paizo, I have left all of their pregen character errors uncorrected for organized play use.  (There are a few errors on more than one of the pregens but its a know issue and probably not going to be addressed by Paizo).  Due to exporting the character files to a mod, the portraits do not stay with the character sheets.  Personally I have made a Campaign for the pregens that I import them from where I have them with the portraits attached for quick and easy importing.  Otherwise you will have to manually change the portrait when you load the Pregens from the module.  Just a thought and easy work around that I use.

Thanks all!

Sean Montgomery

PS: I know I am not perfect and I am sure I missed something somewhere, if you catch something, please let me know.  I will try to get it corrected and updated to keep these up to date and accurate.  Thanks!

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