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Theme: Sir Motte's Magnificent Darkness - Hearth Edition

by JustinFreitas

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Sir Motte's Magnificent Darkness - Hearth Edition

Current Version: 2.9.25 - Torchbearer, 5/19/24
May 19, 2024 - Latest Changelog

Original creator: Sir Motte
Maintained by: Justin Freitas


This theme was created by Sir Motte in his pursuit to not burn out his eyes in dim light conditions while using FGU. It quickly became one of the most downloaded items on the Forge.  Due to time constraints he is no longer able to work on it and maintenance has been taken over by Justin Freitas.


v2.9.17 Showcase

Supported Rulesets (to varying degrees)

  • Dungeons & Dragons 5E
  • Dungeons & Dragons Classic / AdnD / 2E
  • Dungeons & Dragons 3.5E
  • Dungeons & Dragons 4E
  • Pathfinder 1E
  • Pathfinder 2E (and Legacy)
  • Starfinder
  • XCore
  • Cypher System
  • Cyberpunk Red
  • Old School Essentials (OSE2)
  • Other Rulesets might or might not work properly.

Special Contributors

Illustrious Community Egghead bmos has also contributed greatly to the theme and my learning process. Thanks!
Shout-out to Zarestia and all the folks at the unofficial developers guild, you rock!


Hello fellow Adventurers,
I proudly present to you my take on a dark, reduced and calm Fantasy Grounds Unity user-interface. I did my best to make it look more modern (within the limitations of FGU) and support most available extensions.

If you tend to play in dimmed light conditions or prefer a dark UI for your Software, my Theme might be to your liking. It was developed at 120 cd/m screen brightness in AdobeRGB color space. Most monitors ship with brighter factory settings and can't use the full Adobe Color spectrum. Therefore, make sure that you're not using exaggerated brightness and contrast settings.


  • Reduced, dark color palette.
  • Eye-friendly 7:1 value contrasts for good readability even with small fonts.
  • Completely remade UI. No soft edges, no 3D Effects, no textures - simple, flat and clear.
  • Fonts replaced with Roboto Sans.
  • Font sizes and colors adjusted.
  • Fully reworked chat icons and fonts to be clearer and better to understand, even at a glance
  • Color Coded Action Buttons for ease of use.
  • Script enhanced radial menu that features more unique icons than normally possible. Big thank you to Saagael and MeAndUnique!
  • No annoying link Icons in the Hotkey Bar - brought to you by MeAndUnique!
    - You have to re-link already placed hotkey links to make the icon disappear.
    - This functionality is now also available as the standalone "Bartender" Extension, measures are taken that there is no conflict if both extensions are active.
  • and a lot more...

Compatibility Information & Known Problems

  • Make sure and double check, that no other Themes are active!
  • This theme uses a very high loadorder of 1500 in order to be able to overwrite most extension's UI elements out there. Therefore any extension that you want to overwrite my theme with must use a loadorder value of 1501 or higher. This is set in the extension.xml within any extension.
  • If you pay close attention to the console log you might find [Warning] entries related to this theme. You can safely ignore them, as they only tell you, that you're not using an extension supported by my theme. [ERROR] entries on the other hand are serious. If you encounter one related to this theme, please give me a report.
  • Chat Aesthetics Configurator by Drowbe, maintained by rhagelstrom. I recommend to set the Font Theme Setting to "off", as the other settings for light text have very unfitting colors and font weight.[B]
  • Celestians "Author" extension currently makes storyframe list entries hard to read (black). I'm working on resolving the issue. For now, don't use my theme during world building with the Author extension enabled.
  • The Image Window and its settings menu feature some areas that I'm unable to tweak because they are either not documented or simply locked in source code. I hope to get this fixed at some point.
  • Floating frame elements - Can't change those with my limited knowledge as this would require untangling and fiddling with window xml values. Sorry, not my cup of tea.

Installation - Forge (Recommended)

  1. Subscribe to the FG Forge Item and Update your Fantasy Grounds Client.
  2. Activate the theme listed as "Theme: Hearth" in your campaign details page in the "Extensions" section and launch the campaign.
  3. Done, I hope you like it!

Installation - GitHub

  1. Download the Theme from Github.
  2. Move the file named "Theme_SirMotte_Hearth.ext" into the "Extensions" Folder found inside your Fantasy Grounds "Data" folder.
  3. Activate the theme listed as "Theme: Hearth" in your campaign details page in the "Extensions" section and launch the campaign.
  4. Done, I hope you like it!

Customization Bonus Extension

Sir Motte

Changelog History

Alpha 2.0 - Old Geezer+hotfix
Beta 2.1 - Rolling Sledge
Beta 2.2 - Sloshing Brains+hotfix
Beta 2.3 - Beleaguered Mudpile
Beta 2.4 - Fragrant Dungeon
Beta 2.5 - Sweaty Hilts
Beta 2.6 - Plucked Horse
Beta 2.7 - Doting Elderbrain
Beta 2.8 - Assassin's Spoon
Beta 2.9 - Pathhider
Beta 2.9.1 - Tiny Squid
Beta 2.9.2 - Stale Holy Water
Beta 2.9.3 - Sneaking Giraffe
Beta 2.9.4 - Breezy Kilt
Beta 2.9.5 - Stuck Ostrich
Beta 2.9.6 - Gelatinous Candy
Beta 2.9.7 - Constipated Seagull
Beta 2.9.8 - Baldur's Cat Flap
Beta 2.9.9 - Slothful Squire
Beta 2.9.10 - Beefcake Princess
Beta 2.9.11 - Penpot and Lunacy
Beta 2.9.12 - Dancing Homunculus
Beta 2.9.13 - Philosophical Berserk
Beta 2.9.14 - Drenched Phoenix
Beta 2.9.15 - Polite Extremist
2.9.16 - Generous Dragon
2.9.17 - Buoyant Witch
2.9.18 - Cyclops's Eyepatch
2.9.19 - Hoarse Siren
2.9.20 - Reverse Oracle
2.9.21 - Knightowl
2.9.22 - Torchbearer - Torchbearer (with PFRPG2-Legacy ruleset fixes) - Torchbearer

Hall of Fame

  • The first offering seemed to do little and as the Knight stepped back from the altar, his unease was showing clearly on his face. "We can't fail!" he uttered as he nodded to the Ranger. The young Elf carefully approached the basin and put forth his selection of goods. Ripples of golden light radiated across the fluids surface when the items sank down to its bottom. "It is pleased!" he whispered, showing little emotion on his face, but his companions knew him well enough to decipher his stoic expression. Elation and a hint of relief. "My turn!" grunted the short sorcerer. He had trouble to place his gifts, his height forced him to tiptoe around the altar and place them one by one at its large stone rim. With a push by his cane he tipped them over. Splish, splash. The soft light became brighter and brighter with each item, until the Adventurers had to avert their eyes.

Pleasant heat tickled their skin and they dared to look up again. An orb of pure light had formed atop the altar, hovering just a few inches in the air. "We made it!" gasped the Knight and stepped forward....

  • Evolivolution for providing Starfinder support!
  • Shoutout to seansps who added Cyberpunk Red support to the theme, you rock!
  • Rugged sea, distant shore, waves and thunder evermore. Laughing gods of wet an wind care not for souls on wooden splint. Tossed and turned, high and low, yet steady our ship will go, to promised land of bane and boon lead steadfast by Tabarkus tune.

And a god takes notice. "Prideful mortal, carry on, a deity's ear has heard your song. I choose you to tell my name, spread the word and gain the fame, worthy of your lyrics fervour, my heart was moved you may go further!"

Thank you Tabarkus, for a launch of ships to my maps collection!

  • Thanks a lot to the two people who donated using the forge donation system. When you do, make sure that Smite Works gets a little cut as well.
  • The creature stared at me while sitting on top of its treasure. Its enormous front teeth glistened wet in the dim light, as did its brown fur. It smirked, the smirk became a smile and suddenly it snipped an object at me from below its feet. My instincts made me flinch, but my arm reached for the object anyway and snatched it out of the air. A beautiful gold coin from a distant country lay in my hand. Intricate and ornate details framed a fair face with long hair and a hat of an unknown fashion. The smile resembled the one shown by the creature. As I looked up again, the creature still sat there, still watching me, still smiling. I bowed. I would do my best to please it again. Thanks to Felix Achberger for donating!
  • The nameless soul led on in silence. A ghoustly figure floating just a few feet in front of me, ragged clothes billowing in an otherworldy breeze. The translucent body shimmered in a faint silverish, blue light. I followed it into a room, that looked to have been a study at some point in the distant past. Crumbling parchment and dried out inkpots, old maps of long lost kingdoms and tomes of forgotten wisdom lay about in a somewhat orderly fashion. "Remarkable!", I thought, as I let my eyes examine the treasures before me. The ghostly figure stopped and turned to me, his fair face seemed to kindly smile as he noticed the exitement in my eyes. His hands began to gesture around the room, pointed at some of his belongings, and then at me. He smiled again. I understood, nodded, bowed deeply and then returned his smile. Certainly not as fair as his, but in kind.
  • Where wares and coin change purse and hands, the one called Bayne there proudly stands, manifold a craft displayed, unlucky those who come too late, missing out on goods so great!
  • Kindred spirit, generous soul, artful script makes worth a scroll, it's weight in gold and read out loud. Thank you bmos, you can be proud!
  • The one who shares with golden heart, bright in soul and sound in art, has given plentiful his craft; abundant the amount amassed; eyes wide open I childlike laughed. Thank you Dud-in!
  • The incantation rose about, the whisper soon became a shout as magic made his body stout. Thanks to Nick Frost for donating!
  • When darkness crawls and shadows loom, one misstep here could spell our doom; Smart the one with torch and lamp, will be remembered as a champ; As he who gave the gift of light, has earned himself the title knight.
  • The cartographers pride is a finished map. The travelers joy is a detailed map. The adventurers staple is a bundle of maps - They all came signed by the one whiteTiki.
  • Whispers in the kings hall, the traveling bards, puffers on the street, voices at the regulars' table, the birds in the trees; They all sing praise to the one Aridhro, who made sure the army's soldiers won't use adrenaline during battle, but solely move on caffeine alone.
  • The warriors raise a freshly brewed toast to cmtpcm, who contributed to the cause with a large gift of coffee!
  • The Valkyries cheer, for their master has spread his wealth and name to support the cause. MadNomad!
  • Hushed voices whisper a glorious name. A supporter that aided the cause! Did you hear it too?
  • The heavens sing of a name, angelic and pure, an euphony to ears and heart. Its wielder brought gifts from the storytellers wares!
  • The scribes bow their heads in awe to, MeAndUnique, Saagael, mattekure, Superteddy57, Styrmir, damned and Trenloe for their help and ingenuity with complex scripture.
  • Wisdom poured by CMYKMatter and Drowbe helps the eye stay focused.


A few icons used are based on the Byte Dance Open Source Icon Library (, though in most cases heavily altered they provide an invaluable starting base. Check them out if you need them.

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