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Project Sci/Fi

by Pharoid

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Requires: Cepheus Engine Ruleset

Highly Recommended: Cepheus Engine SRD

Recommended Theme: Cepheus Blue (Free)


2d deckplans with LOS, tokens and 25px images (deckplan and outside)

6 smallcraft plus 1 variant
4 starships


landing station (6 std battlemaps, 2 25px tactical battlemaps)

Space Combat Range Map (Template to customize)

Subsector map (and Template to make your own)
    includes 38 indivdual subsector assets

Planet Maps (and Template to make your own)
    7 premade planet maps
    includes 53 terrain hexes
    23 terrain backgrounds
    13 terrain indicator images
    7 bases to represent starports or outposts

GeoHex Maps (and Template to make your own)
    7 premade Geohexes
    uses same terrain assets as planet map
Building Assets
    3 premade starport scenes and 1 startown scene
    53 Building related assets

    45 generic tokens (A-Z,0-9 plus more)
    top-down character tokens from CRW Sci-Fi Tokens
    23 vehicle tokens from CRW token/assets

    Generic NPC's

Arkenforge used to make some maps.

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