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One Click More

by rob2e

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To use THIS module, you MUST HAVE "Critically Awesome Essentials" (available here).

One-Click More: an expansion to the One-Click Druid module and part of the Critically Awesome Essentials family.

Welcome to the second module developed for the Critically Awesome Essentials extension (Extension required to utilize the features of this module):

Module #2 - One-Click More

Critically Awesome Essentials' One-Click Druid made handling Druid wild shapes in Fantasy Grounds easy and fun. Still wanting more shapes? Need some forms, but coding the forms is too much work? With One-Click More, your Druids have even MORE options they can turn into. Are your Druids tired of being a regular Brown Bears and growling at your enemies? "Grr..." Wishing your characters could talk smack all the time because you can turn into so many cool animals? Now you can turn into an Awakened Brown Bear, and yell everything you want in common! "GROWL, Y'all gonna die now!"
This adds many new wild shapes. All of the wild shapes are stored in wild shape "spells". They are coded with all the stat changes, attacks, effects, and more! Simply drag the "spell" to your actions tab, click the effect inside the "spell", and watch the magic as you have everything you need, as your new beast form, at your fingertips! The "spell" descriptions have brief summaries of the beast shapes, explanations of special beast abilities, suggested uses for the Wildshape form, and links to the NPC stat blocks (Mainly intended for the DM to verify information, MUST HAVE appropriate modules loaded to view stat blocks).
You can turn into the shape appropriate to all of these modules... like Flying Cats and Monkeys!
"2 Paws UP!" ~Local Druid's Enclave~

As this is a complicated programmed feature, if you are having any issues, PLEASE come to our Discord and use the #Diablobob-stuff channel so he can help you...

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