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Critically Awesome Essentials & One Click Druid

by rob2e

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Critically Awesome Essentials is an extension framework used for the 5th Edition D&D ruleset in the Fantasy Grounds VTT. It uses modules for different functions.

Now includes CUSTOM tokens, CUSTOM monster shapes, and functionality for one-click polymorph, shape change, and disguise. WOW!

This now adds the ability to change tokens of players and NPCs on the fly, set custom “shapes”, and also resolves the ever pesky token stack issues. This works for the 5th Edition D&D ruleset.

Now includes "effects list" to use polymorph etc. DIRECTLY ON NPCs in the combat tracker. 

As Critically Awesome Essentials continues to add features for the 5E D&D ruleset for Fantasy Grounds, several modules will be released with different content. Many are already available or in development!

The first one, presented here with the extension, concerns wild shape functionality for Druids in the 5th edition D&D ruleset. DM's and players' lives just got a WHOLE LOT easier...


Have you ever wanted to play a druid shapeshifter on Fantasy Grounds, but the prep work was too much? Wish you could have all the versatility but didn't want to spend hours memorizing information?

Well, Druid is now less intensive to prepare, like any other spellcaster.

No more stat blocks!

No more multitudes of character sheets!

Minimal research!

And some great game magic, never seen before!!!

Critically Awesome Essentials is an extension that will change the way you game. It adds functionality to Fantasy Grounds that will skyrocket your gaming experience.

The first module developed is free and included with this extension:

Module #1 - One-Click Druids

This will make D&D 5E Wildshape shape-changing a breeze. The most notable feature is the token change and size adjustment when the shifted effect is applied to the character. All of the wild shapes are stored in Wildshape "spells." They are coded with all the stat changes, attacks, effects, and more! Simply drag the "spell" to your actions tab, click the effect inside the "spell," and watch the magic as you have everything you need, as your new beast form, at your fingertips!

The "spell" descriptions have brief summaries of the beast shapes, explanation of special beast abilities, suggested uses for the Wildshape form, and links to the 5E NPC stat blocks (Mainly intended for the DM to verify information, MUST HAVE Monster Manual and/or Volo's Guide to Monsters loaded to view stat blocks).

Enough waiting! Enough prepping! Let's GAME!



This is a great idea, cutting edge, and community-driven project! Kudos to Rob and Bob for this awesome addition to the existing FG software.



The future...

Keep in mind again that Critically Awesome Essentials is an extension that will use different 5E content modules in its framework. Module #1 is presented here and included. Future modules will be separate items and sold separately as they are released. Here is our current development plan (SUBJECT TO CHANGE):

#1 - One-Click Druid - Released and included with Critically Awesome Essentials

#2 - One-Click More - Released and AVAILABLE HERE

#3 - DM Tools - Released and AVAILABLE HERE

#4 - Automatic Dungeon Composer

#5 - Automatic Town Creator

#6 - Animated Spellbook


As this is a complicated programmed feature, if you have any issues, come to our Discord and use the #Diablobob-stuff channel so he can help you...

Rob Twohy | rob2e




Twitter: @rob2e

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