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DM Tools

by rob2e

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To use THIS module, you MUST HAVE "Critically Awesome Essentials" (available here).

DM Tools is part of the Critically Awesome Essentials family.

Welcome to the third module developed for the Critically Awesome Essentials extension (Extension required to utilize the features of this module):

Module #3 - DM Tools

Critically Awesome Essentials' DM Tools will allow players to place their own spell tokens that can be used to represent 5th Edition D&D spell entities, such as Spiritual Weapon, and also allow the player to use the spell tokens as a visual targeting feature.
The size is set in the spell action and can auto-target all available tokens within the area if used as a targeting token.
DM Tools will allow the DM to set a “token stack,” which will allow the characters to have additional tokens added to theirs within the 5E ruleset.
This is especially useful with paladins auras, light and visible ranges, and other emanations.

As this is a complicated programmed feature, if you are having any issues, PLEASE come to our Discord and use #Diablobob-stuff channel so he can help you...

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Rob Twohy | rob2e




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