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Hostile Organism: Starship

by 2DStoryteller

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"WARNING. Compromised systems detected. Anomaly detection recorded onboard, decks 2 through 9 contaminated. Crew cryo-thaw commenced at 19:32 [coordinated Universal Time]."

Hostile Organism: starship brings your sci fi adventure scenes to life before your players' eyes. Construct your own Battle Maps alongside animated and static art, a journey through the unforgiving expanse of space. Inside Hostile Organism: Starship you will find a host of interior workings for your own custom TTRPG spacecraft. Have your players explore the dangers of space, build your own modular star ship and struggle to survive the claustrophobic depths of this deep space behemoth.

  • Animated Assets: Active location features and Interactive map assets.

  • Fully Modular mapping tiles: Seamless map tiles enable you to create your own star ship interiors using corridors, rooms and vents.

  • Cinematic assets: Don't just throw bad guys at the enemy, use the scene based animations to create memorable moments in your story!

    Find the expansion here: Hostile Organism: Characters

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