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Hostile Organism: Characters

by 2DStoryteller

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Something is on board...and its hungry. Working on the fringes of civilised space is a grind, a star studded nine to five with only your crew to keep you company, at least that was true before your last stop off. Something came aboard the ship and now one by one the crew are disappearing, soon it will just be you, whatever that organism is...and that stabbing pain in your stomach.

Hostile Organism: crew, Completes the Hostile Organism: starship set, add animated and static characters, both dedicated crew and savage alien life forms to your industrialised Sci-Fi TTRPG!

  • Animated Assets: living character tokens

  • Cinematic assets: Don't just throw bad guys at the enemy, use the scene based animations to create memorable moments in your story!

    Find the expansion here: Hostile Organism: Starship

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