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Aura Effect

by bmos

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This extension accommodates auras and area-of-effect buffs/debuffs by adding/removing effects to other characters based on proximity.

It was originally created by kentmccullough and has been updated by bmos and SoxMax.

To see codebase and changelogs, visit GitHub.

Compatibility and Instructions

This extension has been tested with FantasyGrounds Unity 4.2.2 (2022-06-07).

It works with the 3.5E, 4E, 5E, PFRPG, PFRPG2, and SFRPG rulesets.

Users might also want to use GKEnialb's Token Height Indicator which makes the auras height-aware.

mattekure's Complete Offensive Package Aura Extension also allows you to see the auras that this extension creates. It is a paid extension.

AURA Effect

AURA: 10 friend; Aura of Protection; SAVE: 5
This will add a 10 foot aura around the person who has this effect.

Allies within 10' will receive an effect "FROMAURA; Aura of Protection; SAVE: 5".

While a name (such as 'Aura of Protection' in the above example) is not required it is highly recommended to help avoid collisions between effects.

The bearer of the AURA effect will also receive its benefits.

The following aura types (used for AURA: 15 friend) are allowed:

  • friend
  • foe
  • all

If a resulting FROMAURA is set to "off" in the combat tracker, then the effect will not be removed based on token movement. This allows you to set the automatic effects of creatures that saved or are immune to "off".

FACTION() conditional check

To further limit bonuses/penalties/conditions applying to the bearer of the AURA effect, there is also an additional conditional type "FACTION()".

AURA: 10 foe; Test; IF: FACTION(foe); ATK: -5

The IF: FACTION(foe) ensures that the penalty to attacks does not impact the bearer of the AURA effect but only their foes.

The following faction types (used for IF: FACTION(friend)) are allowed:

  • friend
  • foe
  • neutral
  • faction
  • notself

You can also use the "!" operator in a FACTION conditional to reverse the results:

AURA: 10 all; Test; IF: FACTION(!foe); ATK: -5

This will add a 10 foot aura around the person who has this effect.

Anyone within 10' will receive an effect "FROMAURA; Test; IF: FACTION(!foe); ATK: -5".

Although the effect will be visible on all actors within 10', the penalty will only be applied to people who are not specifically foes.

Option for disabling aura effect chat messages

"Silence Notifications for Aura Types" can be set to a faction to hide their aura apply/removal chat messages.

Effect Sharing Threads


... if you create a thread for your ruleset let me know and I will add it to this list.

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