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PFRPG - Spellbook

by dllewell

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This module contains all current Pathfinder spells from the Archive of Nethys. 3024 spells in total.

Actions and effects have been added for all of these spells.

Spellbook Versions

There are 2 versions of the spellbook.

This is the PFRPG - Spellbook Version: This version does not require any extensions to use. But see Suggested Extensions below.

There is an extended version (PFRPG - Spellbook Extended): that uses Kelrugem's - Extended Automation and Overlays extension and bmos' - Extended AC Bonus Types extension.

If you use Kelrugem's Full Overlay extension and bmos' Extended AC Bonus Type extension then I suggest that you use the PFRPG - Spellbook Extended version of the spellbook as these extensions add a significant amount of added automation. If you don't use these extension then use this PFRPG - Spellbook version. It works fine it just doesn't have the additional automation.


A user guide in pdf format can be found here - PFRPG - Spellbook User Guide

Suggested Extensions

None of the extensions below are required. The module will function fine without any of these extensions. However, these extensions add significant additional functionality and I highly recommend them.

PF Player Effect Removal Extension By Nikademus/darrenan
This adds 3 new tags (REMOVE; STACK and MULTI) that can be used to add additional functionality to the spell actions. The PFRPG Spellbook makes extensive use of these tags.

Again, this is not required. If you don't use this extension these tags will be ignored and the module will work fine without the extension.


Mirror Image Handler Extension By darrenan
This extension automatically calculates whether an attack hits a target with Mirror Images, or hits one of the images. This extension depends on the STACK: functionality in the PF Remove Effect Tag extension. To add a Mirror Image effect to an actor in a way that this extension will act on it, use the following syntax for the effect: "STACK: mirror image". Do not put anything before STACK and match the casing. When an attack is made against an actor with this effect, and the attack hits, another rolls will be made to see if the attack hits the target or an image, and if it hits an image, it will automatically remove one stack of the effect.

The module is not linked to this extension in any way and will work fine without the extension. It is just a really handy way of automating the Mirror Image spell.

PFRPG Spell Formatting Extension By bmos
This extension modifies the character-specific copies of spells (accessed via their actions tab) to allow fully-formatted descriptions including italics and tables.

The module is not linked to this extension in any way and will work fine without the extension. But the added formatting for the spell descriptions is amazingly helpful.


PFRPG Upgrade NPC Actions By bmos
When an NPC is dragged onto the Combat Tracker it replaces the spell effects on NPC character sheet with the spell effects from the PFRPG - Spellbook. Also sets up many other actions (feat, special abilities, etc).

The module is not linked to this extension in any way and will work fine without the extension. But the extension saves a lot of time by automatically adding effects to NPCs when they are dragged to the Combat Tracker.

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