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SW5e module (Classic)

by pico

4.67 Avg. rating
Total Subscribers: 510


This is a 5e module that adds the classes, races, backgrounds, items, spells and more to play in the Star Wars universe.

You must also use the SW5e ExtensionThis module will not function without the extension.

To set up a SW5e campaign:

  • Select 5e to load the D&D 5e ruleset.
  • Select the SW5e extension to load ruleset enhancements.
  • Once the campaign is started, load the SW5e module in your library.

Get the SW5e PHB PDF for this module/extension here


FG Forum Thread for SW5e


This is based on the work of the folks at the SW5e project. Be sure to read the reference section of the module.

This module and extension are open source and the work can be found on GitHub.

v3.0.11 Build 6 Channel: Live

v3.0.10 Build 3 Channel: None

UUID df95ec9e-d5e6-11eb-8c52-0050562be458