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Castles & Crusades: C1 The Mortality of Green

by Troll Lord Games

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Castles & Crusades C1 The Mortality of Green physical and Digital PDF versions can be found on the Troll Lord Games website.

'Tis said of that ancient brooding forest that even before the world grew accustomed to the light of day, her stems were grown high and her leaves already dark and contemplative. If ever those ancient trees have pondered, however, then it was in silent expectation, brooding on a bent that only they and perhaps a few others knew, for it has never been theirs to speak with vocal tongue. Mayhap they ponder simple things, or maybe they wonder on the many creatures which have come to crawl the earth since those days before days. For all manner of beasts and monsters have come from the outlands to slip into obscurity underneath the shadowy vale of the Darkenfold.
Mortality of Green is designed to be a fast-paced adventure wherein the characters are thrown into the immediate pursuit of a brigand troll. The troll, Quagmire, has stolen a young sapling from the druid Cornelius and fled into the forest. The characters must rescue the sapling before it is planted in the ground. Failure to do so results in the sapling’s corruption and probable demise.

Adventure Type: Overland

Party: 3-5 characters

Levels: 4-8

Setting: Aihrde, Portable to Home-brew

What's included with the Fantasy Grounds version

  • Searchable and easy to read Reference Manual incorporating all 24 pages of the print adventure.
  • 25+ images to share with your players.
  • 9 maps presented in DM and player versions including grid and non gridded as well as LOS and Dynamic Lighting.
  • over 40 NPC and monsters records with full color tokens.
  • Story entries (as well as other records) are unlocked and are editable for keeping notes and making changes.
  • All the spells, items, and magic items you need to play this adventure.
  • Rollable tables for encounters & treasure.
  • Fully built encounters and parcels.

Adapted for Fantasy Grounds by: Troll Lord Games

Requirements: This content requires the following:

Screenshots may differ from what you see in-game based on the extension and ruleset you have loaded and if you are running Fantasy Grounds or Fantasy Grounds Unity.

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Released on January 21, 2022

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