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Feature: TEMPO and ROLLON

by Kelrugem

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How to activate: This is an extension for 5E; download it from the forge using the update button in the Fantasy Grounds Unity launcher after subscribing to this item using this website; afterwards, before you launch your campaign, turn on Feature: TEMPO and ROLLON effects in the extension list of your campaign.
For fellow developers: My GitHub profile is at; the extension installs into the /extensions directory, and its file name is TEMPO.ext.

Adds two new effects, TEMPO and ROLLON, for ongoing temporary hitpoints and rolling on a table at the beginning of a turn, respectively.

TEMPO: (D); ongoing temporary hitpoints, like REGEN but for temp HP. (D) means that dice and numbers are allowed, e.g. TEMPO: 10 or TEMPO: d10

ROLLON: [table name] -c [column name] -d dice -hide; exactly as the macro /rollon but as an effect which gets triggered automatically at the beginning of one's turn, for example ROLLON: confusion will roll on a table with the name confusion at the beginning of the actor's turn. If the name starts with a separated number, then do not use a 0 as the first digit (but something like 0A would work, but not 01, 0 A etc.)

Extension logo: By Bmos, thanks :)

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