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Welcome to Kelrugem's extensions :)

I am Kelrugem, a coder for Fantasy Grounds, especially for 3.5E/PF1 :) Thanks for looking at my extensions, I hope they can help you :)

I joined FG September 2018 and started coding for FG in order to add more automation. Since then I maintained all my extensions and will plan to do so for many other years.

If you're not yet familiar with extensions, then each of my extensions will explain at the very top of its description how to install it :)

If you're another coder who wants to look at my code, then be informed that my extensions are not vaulted. At the header of each extension's forge description is a note about their file name. There is usually also a Github repository for all extensions: or also :)

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any question or want to add a request :) I also have a wish list of new features, the very left column here: Link to the wish list :)
I am also on Discord, my tag is kelrugem :)
There is also a central forum thread for all my extensions: Link to my central forum thread. Feel free to use it to contact me, too :) (there is also a wish list which I want to carry over to the previously mentioned wish list)

Have fun, I hope you like my extensions :)

Transparency about donations

My extensions are all free and stay that way, and you do not need to donate to me :) Usually I say that people should not donate, but with the FG Forge I cannot really stop you :D In fact, some people already donated and I want to thank all of these anonymous people :)
Therefore, for transparency, all my Forge money will go to my lovely pig Oinkee who lives in Lima, Peru :) Usually I spend it for her food, she eats a lot :D Here is a Google Drive link to photos and videos from her: Oinkee photos and videos :)
The background story about Oinkee: A friend of mine lives in Lima and she once suddenly wrote to me that there is a piglet in her garden :D We didn't want that this pig gets sold and then dies rather quickly. So, we named the pig Oinkee and I helped my friend with Oinkee (mainly with sending money). But Oinkee got older and she needed more treatment which my friend couldn't afford. Thence, I wrote to animal organizations and zoos. One zoo answered (Huachipa) and they gave Oinkee a new place to live. I still pay for her food, while Huachipa does everything else, like cleaning her house, providing a doctor and so on :)


I want to thank the following people for their tremendous help and contributions to my extensions :) (If I forgot anyone, then please contact me! :D)

mr900rr, darrenan, phixation, tahl_liadon, bmos, DCrumb, Cristmo, SoxMax, Asgurgolas, Croddwyn, Chaiwalla, Rabidpaladin, MostTornBrain, Zarestia, rogervinc, rhagelstrom, Superteddy57, mattekure and Moon Wizard