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Castles & Crusades: C3 Upon the Powder River

by Troll Lord Games

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Castles & Crusades: C3 Upon the Powder River physical and Digital PDF versions can be found on the Troll Lord Games website.

All roads through the Darkenfold are dangerous, and the tracks to Willowbreak are no exception. From the beginning, travelers must hazard a number of dangers, from the flooded river and submerged bridge, to lonely foot paths, ensorcelled bar keeps, giants in the water and eagles that burn. Upon the Powder River offers five loosely linked adventures that pit the characters, their wits and brawn, against a number of deadly encounters, both magical and mundane.

This adventure combines overland travel to and from the village of Willowbreak, its challenges involve both combat and role playing. It is not a traditional adventure module that consists of one dungeon or one goal, but rather consists of a series of short adventures, which in turn offer the enterprising Castle Keeper the opportunity for numerous side treks and adventures. It is easy to port into any game and sections can be played or skipped over as needed.

Though set in the official Castles & Crusades world of Aihrde, and a sister book to Mortality of Green and Shades of Mist, it is a complete stand alone adventure or can be used as a series of encounters. It can be adapted to any homebrew or published setting. As with many of the adventure modules published by TLG, Upon the Powder River offers numerous, short-encounter areas. Included within are To the Damenheit Bridge, Thorns for Beer, River Walk, Golden Shingles, and Breaking Heads.

    Adventure Type: Overland

    Party: 3-5 characters

    Levels: 4-7

    Setting: Aihrde, Portable to Home-brew

    What's included with the Fantasy Grounds version

    • Searchable and easy to read Reference Manual incorporating all 36 pages of the print adventure.
    • 9 images to share with your players, pins provided where needed.
    • 7 battle maps presented in DM and player versions including grid and non gridded as well as LOS and Dynamic Lighting.
    • 30 NPC and monster records with full color tokens.
    • Story entries (as well as other records) are unlocked and are editable for keeping notes and making changes.
    • All the spells, items, and magic items you need to play this adventure.
    • Rollable tables for encounters & treasure.
    • Fully built encounters and parcels.

    Adapted for Fantasy Grounds by: Troll Lord Games

    Requirements: This content requires the following:

    Screenshots may differ from what you see in-game based on the extension and ruleset you have loaded and if you are running Fantasy Grounds or Fantasy Grounds Unity.

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    Released on February 21, 2022

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