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B9's Damage Per Round Extension

by bratch9

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An extension to allow 'Damage per Round' calculations to be made in game.

This extension works on all ruleset, and has a 'side bar' selector on the DM/GM side for them to open the Damage per Round calculator. 

See, SideBar

This calculator allows the setting of the 'AC' target, define what a 'Critical' is set as, the hit modifier and an optional hit modifier dice ( for the likes of bless ), a set of damage dice and damage modifier. With this information the min/average/max damage will be calculated for hits made at disadvantage, normal, advantage, and super advantage. ( Elven Accuracy. )

For ruleset 5e, a button 'DPR' has been added to the character sheet 'action' page next to the 'blue sword' in the bottom right, which will bring up a per-character DPR calculator. Also the 'DPR' button has been added to the NPC sheet in the top right next to its token icon. 

For the player character this looks like, Player Character

And for an NPC this looks like, NPC. Note. This is not available on 'source' NPC if they are marked as 'Read Only' in the module, this is marked in the previous image with a 'blue' box which shows the 'lock' icon for the NPC in its slight red 'Read Only' mode. This Locked NPC can not be edited and so does not get a 'DPR' button.

Added support for,

5E - Floating Character Sheet Tabs, By ScriedRaven

Better Menus, By celestian

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