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5E Carrier

by Grimlore

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Jump aboard a vehicle and move as a single group!

This stand-alone extension for Fantasy Grounds Unity allows a host to create a "carrier" link between different "carried" combat tracker PC or NPC entries. When the CT "carrier" map token is rotated or moved (host or client) all of their "carried" map tokens move or rotate with it. This includes any "carried" items that are also "carriers" themselves.

You can also give a "carried" PC or NPC combat tracker entry the action links if their "carrier" is an NPC (host). A default position will be assigned to a "carried" token around the "carrier" though holding shift will allow the "carried" token to be repositioned (host). 

This extension unlocks the following functions:

    • Drop combat tracker (CT) entry name you want to be "carried" onto another CT entry or its map token that you want to be its "carrier" (host).

    • Any "carried" map token will move or rotate when its "carrier" map token is moved or rotated (host or client).

    • A "carrier" CT entry will have a list of "carried" CT entries with button options (host):

          • Make PC or NPC carried item invisible or visible independent of CT visibility.

          • Make carried token immobile (default), a driver (anytime it moves or rotates it does same to its "carrier" and any "carried" it has), or free (does not require holding shift key) repositioning

          • Lock a "carried" item (default) so the "carried" CT entry cannot dismount or remove itself from the "carrier" (lock applies to host or client).

          • Remove a "carried" CT entry from the "carrier" CT entry.

    • A "carried" CT entry will have one button option (host or client):

          • Remove a "carried" CT entry from the "carrier" CT entry if the "carrier" has this "carried" CT entry unlocked.

    • If the "carrier" is an NPC then it can drop its action links (expand actions in CT entry) onto its "carried" CT entries (host). This allows the "carried" CT entry to execute that action with its targets while still having it applied by the "carrier" CT entry. Only a "carried" CT entry can remove an assigned action (host).

    • Client will only show owned or same faction as current logged in PC (identity) "carried" (actions and remove button shown only if owned) or "carrier" (no buttons) CT entries.  

    For support, please join the Grim Press Discord server:
    Detailed instructions on how to use this extension can be found on the FG Forums.

    Please understand that Extensions = RISK: We want users to understand that extensions are code that is added or overrides portions of code in the Fantasy Grounds Unity (FGU) application. When the underlying code in FGU changes it can break an extension. We promise to maintain support as FGU is updated. When you run with other extensions they can conflict by trying to overwrite the same parts of the FGU code. We will keep this extensions working with FGU changes, and other extensions created by Grim Press. We make no promises to resolve conflicts caused by extensions created by other authors.

    Art and maps in the screenshots are not included with this extension.

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