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Mad Nomad's Player Journal

by Mad Nomad

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Important info

This extension requires Mad Nomad's Character Sheet Tweaks

If you do not own Mad Nomad's Character Sheet Tweaks, or you would like to upgrade to a more powerful version supporting other rulesets, consider my new extension, Mad Nomad's Player Journal 2.


This extension is a stand-alone version of the player journal that used to be part of Mad Nomad's Character Sheet Tweaks extension. It has been separated from that extension to address some development challenges and to allow players a way to run the Player Journal without the Character sheet Tweaks. 

This extension for D&D 5e adds a journal tab for players so they can create their own journal entries. It also allows them to save stories, notes, and maps/images shared with them to their own character sheet for easy reference later.


You must load the Character Sheet Tweaks extension with this extension or it will not work. After initially loading it in a campaign with Character Sheet Tweaks, you can then turn off character sheet tweaks if you wish to use the journal without it. 

Supported Rulesets

D&D 5E

Known Extension Conflicts



v2 - July 17 2022

Updated to work with recent FGU changes

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