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Mad Nomad's Player Journal 2

by Mad Nomad

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Video Overview


This extension is a total rewrite and major upgrade to my original player journal extension. It adds a journal tab to character sheets so players can create their own journal entries. It also allows them to save stories, notes, maps/images, any pretty much any kind of record shared with them to their own character sheet for easy reference later. It offers filtering and searching capability. It also allows DMs to auto add records to player sheets so no more will you have to hear the dreaded "Can you reshare the map?" or "Can you reshare that story entry?" Watch the video for full details on all the features.

For Owners of Character Sheet Tweaks and the original Player Journal 

Major upgrades vs old version

- Supports all rulesets (though i may need to add some on request)

- Can add all record types to the journal, not just notes and stories.

- Players can now drag any link from journal to chat

- Preserves links to original source, so upgrades to original will show in the journal

- DM feature to add records to journal

- Sorting and filtering

- Journal time stamps

My original journal was a quick hack of the character sheet and notes that offered useful and solid functionality but was really not well thought out and could not be easily extended with new features. This extension required a complete rewrite of journal and has gone far and beyond what it was originally capable of. That is why I have chosen to create it as a new separate extension instead of adding to the old one. However, I will continue to support the old one to deal with any conflicts or changes that may be needed to keep it functional.

If you previously had my Player Journal or Character Sheet Tweaks extension active, this will auto-import your old journal entries. However, old story and note links will be converted to journal entries instead of links. But those links didnt actually link to original content anyway.

Supported Rulesets

D&D 5E, 4E, 3.5E, 2E. Pathfinder 1E and 2E, SFRPG, Castles and Crusades, Core, Cthulu, Savage Worlds

Should work on others too that I can't personally test, but if you encounter any issues contact me and I'll get it working with your ruleset. 

Known Extension Conflicts


Update Log

v9 - July 20 2022

Updated to work with recent FGU changes


Minor update for starfinder 


Changed position of quick entry buttons


Added support for Cthulu


fixed issue with journal sharing player to player


fixed issue preventing deletion of journal entries and added support for more rulesets


Added savage worlds and fixed issue where players might accidentally delete character records in some rulesets


Fixed a few minor bugs on launch. Added better support (full tab integration) for more rulesets.

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