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AD&D Options and House Rules

by Doomsword

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First off, best thing to do is look at the forum post, as that's probably the best place to get updates and see the current state and what this does, even though the forum post leaves a lot to be desired. I'm working on getting around to updating it and making some videos or something.

This is designed for both the 2E ruleset and the OSRIC ruleset.

2E: Useful for 2e gamers, as well as those who are trying to emulate 1e with 2e. It's designed to apply RAW to both the 2e and OSRIC rulesets and put the options all in a single location. Additionally, it opens up the initiative rolling procedures in general, supplies auto-initiative on round start, and allows DM initiative rolls - with good configurability to apply the initiative system that you want, when you want, how you want, and with the modifiers that you want. The idea is that this mod should give you the best possible 2e experience, with RAW defaults and the ability to toggle 2e options, both those that are in the rules and those you just want to change as house rules. If you don't want to run the OSRIC ruleset, then running this mod plus the 1E toggle option should also give you a pretty faithful OSRIC/1E RAW experience with the ability to change those things that are listed as optional in the rules, as well as those things that you want to house rule.

Won't work with Sterno's mod, as-is, but there are things that I want to add from that and I'll work on it.

OSRIC: Useful in overriding OSRIC's defaults, adding options not found in the OSRIC rules (as house rules) and changing options that will result in OSRIC being more 1E-like. Use this with OSRIC if you want things like Ability Checks, Individual Initiative, different Death's Door Thresholds, disabling Encumbrance, etc. I'm happy to add additional options for OSRIC if people really want to use it and house rule it, instead of using 2E. Just let me know (and I'll probably end up adding options for my own games, anyway)

Thanks for checking it out. Hit me up on the forum or Discord if you find any issues.

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