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OSRIC Ruleset

by Doomsword

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OSRIC ruleset, layered on 2E. It's designed to get you up and running quickly and support as much OSRIC RAW as possible without changing any options. It's actively developed, and further options will be added.

This ruleset depends upon the excellent OSRIC content, available for free from the First Edition Society

If you want an experience different than OSRIC RAW but still want an OSRIC feel or want to emulate 1E gaming, I'd highly recommend using this ruleset and the AD&D Options and House Rules extension. You'll get a lot more flexibility in how you can run the game once you've added the extension. It will keep the OSRIC RAW defaults and allow you to toggle other options, both from OSRIC and 1E.

Here are the RAW options that this ruleset presents on its own:

  • Group all initiatives
  • Simultaneous initiative
  • d6 initiative die
  •         d6 surprise die
  •         d6 for opening doors
  • Assign initiative based on character who rolled
  • OSRIC RAW has a default initiative "swap"; this does too
  • No initiative mods or surprise mods, and proper surprise checks
  • Reset initiative every round, with the possibility to auto-roll for NPCs automatically on round start
  • Set initiative range 0-10 to approximate segments and handle creatures who go last (segment 10) in a round
  • Use attack and save matrices for classed NPCs, from OSRIC
  • Allow Delay, puts NPC or PC at the back of the stack
  • No ability checks
  • Encumbrance and coin encumbrance mandatory
  • Death's Door, with a 0-9 threshold
  •         Auto-converts NPCs from 2e to OSRIC (based on NPC name) when dropped into the Combat Tracker from a D&D Classic Module

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