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B9's Encumbrance Tweak Extension

by bratch9

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Please report any issues to: Encumbrance Tweak Forum

This extension is designed to allow adjustment to the normal STR *5, *10, *15, *30 values, creature size and other factors of the encumbrance calculation.

It provides a configuration window on the host sidebar that allows these values to be modified and will update all the characters encumbrance values. 

Also includes the ability to have per-character setting for these values, which is enabled with an 'Edit' button on the host view of the character sheet.

Added support for,

Aspect Of The Bear, By Bratch Nine

5E Auto Encumbrance, By John Waite, and Rob Twohy

Kit'N'Kaboodle, By MeAndUnique

5E - Floating Character Sheet Tabs, By ScriedRaven

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