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Castles & Crusades: The Adventurers Backpack

by Troll Lord Games

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The Castles & Crusades Players Handbook physical and Digital PDF versions can be found on the Troll Lord Games website.
Unlocked Arcana!!  Adventurers Backpack brings to the table 14 new classes, mountains of spells for all classes, counter spells and spell duels, a fresh easy-to-use approach to unarmed combat, war mounts, rune magic, and a new look at polearms.

But more than that, Adventurers Backpack delivers a new, innovative approach to equipment and equipping your character. There are 34 unique backpacks complete with all the equipment your character will need! Each backpack comes with cost, weight, and encumbrance value. The backpacks cover it all. There are class-based backpacks for all character classes, general purpose backpacks for dungeons and overland, and special purpose packs such as the medic or dungeon mappers pack. Equipping your character was never so easy.

The Adventurers Backpack brings a whole new dimension to your Castles & Crusades game!

A whole new renaissance has begun, with years-worth of new C&C content at your fingertips. The Adventures Backpack is the first major book that focuses largely on player content for Castles & Crusades since the release of the Players Handbook, bringing a mountain of NEW material to your gaming table. Using it along with our Fantasy Grounds Castles & Crusades ruleset and our core rulebooks, Players Handbook, and Monsters & Treasure gives you everything you need to play Castles & Crusades with your others across the globe!

What you will find in the Castles & Crusades Adventures Backpack

  • 14 new classes
  • 340+ New Non-derivative spells
  • A new approach on counter spells and canceling spells
  • 34 different backpacks offer an easier and faster way to equip
  • 44 New Runes for Rune Magic
  • A fresh easier to use approach to Unarmed Combat
  • New Magic Items for classes who have few to choose from
  • A look at the Archetype
  • The End Game, why old characters never die

What's included with the Fantasy Grounds version of the Castles & Crusades Adventures Backpack

  • All 14 new classes from the Castles & Crusades Adventures Backpack and fully draggable into your character sheet.
  • Equipment lists containing items that can be dragged to character sheets, treasure parcels, or NPCs for ease of reference, encumbrance calculations, and ease of disbursement. The searchable lists contain all items listed in the Adventures Backpack (Adventuring Gear, Armor, Weapons, Containers, Charged Items.)
  • 34 different equipment backpacks that are fully draggable and auto-expand right into a characters inventory!
  • Draggable weapons that auto-enter the inventory, weight, attack type (melee, ranged, thrown), and the damage (with damage type) 
  • Complete reference material and artwork from the print Crusades Adventures Backpack.
  • 380+ new spells & runes from the Crusades Adventures Backpack, ready to drag and drop to your character sheet.
  • Full class descriptions from the Adventures Backpack for all 14 new classes: Arcane Thief, Archer, Divine Knight, Etheral Knight, Foresworn, Magicuser, Oathsworn, Pacer, Primal Druid, Rune Mark, Seeker, Skald, Thief, and Warrior Priest.
  • Automatic addition of class and race traits and abilities when you drag the class link to your character's level summary.

All these features have been compiled into sections within a special reference manual specifically formatted for ease of play on Fantasy Grounds at the table or over the Internet.

Adapted for Fantasy Grounds by: Troll Lord Games

Requirements: This content requires the following:

Screenshots may differ from what you see in-game based on the extension and ruleset you have loaded and if you are running Fantasy Grounds or Fantasy Grounds Unity.

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Released on April 21, 2022

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