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Effect Builder

by SoxMax

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To access the Effect Builder type /buildeffect or /effectbuilder into the chat box. Additionally there is a button within the Effects window to open the Effect Builder.

After your effect string is fully constructed you may drag & drop the string wherever you need it. Holding shift while dragging will instead allow an effect to be dropped rather than a string.
Additionally you may right click on the output and copy the string to your clipboard.

This extension does nothing on its own and requires other extensions to provide it with Effect Editors.

´╗┐Rulesets Supported

RulesetForge Link
D&D 5E
Effect Builder Plugin - D&D 5E
D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder RPG
Effect Builder Plugin - D&D 3.5E / Pathfinder RPG
Pathfinder 2Effect Builder Plugin - Pathfinder RPG 2e

Effect Builder Plugin - Starfinder RPG

Cypher System

Effect Builder Plugin - Cypher System

Extensions with Effect Builder support

ExtensionForge Link
D&D 3.5/PFRPG Size ChangesFeature: Size Changes
Kelrugem's Extended Automation for 3.5/PFRPG

Feature: Extended automation and overlays (first! :D)
Feature: Extended automation and alternative overlays
Feature: StrainInjury plus extended automation and overlays
Feature: StrainInjury plus extended automation and alternative overlays

Better Combat Effects

Better Combat Effects
Better Combat Effects Gold

You can find the code here:
Contributions are always welcome!

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