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PFRPG - Feats Extended

by Morenu

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Currently in the ALPHA stage. 

-- Going mostly Alphabetical at this point (Skipping some I have to research) --

  • over 174 of the 176 Feats found in the PFRPG Basic Rules are done (Deadly Stroke and Spirited Charge not done).
  • Over 395 Total Feats finished and I believe there are around 3500+ Feats in total to do in Dllewels mod... 
  • Adding Base Combat Maneuvers and their related feats as well (Done so far: Bull Rush, Dirty Trick, Disarm, Grapple, Overrun, Sunder & Trip, 3 more to do - Drag, Reposition & Steal)
  • Added Feint (will look at other Special attacks as well)
  • Added all Spellblights
  • Over 255 "Spell" effects so far for those feats/Combat Maneuvers/Spellblights
  • Adding a few Special Abilities if needed; 5 so far
  • Added a replacement Skill for Armored Rider (Ride AR) so armor penalties are removed
  • Improvements to existing effects as I learn better ways to code them.

Essentially, I am adding effects, instructions and/or information to all Feats.  Many can not be automated and I will say that (and then go whine to a coder to "Fix it" lol) Others may not be worth doing what I put in and you can delete/ignore it and several I suggest multiple ways of doing it depending on your preference.  

Thanks to Dllewell, I am going to start with his PFRPG - Feats mod and copy edited feats to this PFRPG - Feats Extended mod.

I will keep updating here and would LOVE feedback on wording, the implementation, errors... and even effects on feats I haven't finished yet.

And also a Huge Shout out to all the modders that have added so much!

Extensions and mods that are needed (All Free) for this to work PROPERLY (feel free to load it without and see what works):  

Library Items (load into the library modules once in game):

This extension 

PFRPG - Spellbook Extended by dllewell (library item)

Extensions required for many of the effects to work properly:

Advanced Effects for Pathfinder by bmos

Advanced Item Actions by bmos

Aura Effect by bmos

Live Hitpoints by bmos

Spell Failure by bmos

Remove Effect Tag Extension by darrenan

Feature: Extended automation and overlays by Kelrugem

Better Combat Effects by rhagelstrom

On Hit Effects by SoxMax

Size Changes by SoxMax

Extensions Suggested for organization, and my descriptions assume you use these:

Drain and Permanent Bonuses by bmos

Enhanced Items by bmos

Hit Margins by bmos (Highly suggested as several Feats have increased effects if you roll better by 5 or more)

Spell Formatting by bmos

PF1 - Spellclass Sort + notes + NPC by Morenu (coded by Trenloe & MostTornBrain)

Misc Annotations by MostTornBrain

Advanced Charsheet by Zarestia (Highly recommended as my descriptions assume you use its setup)

And again, a Huge thank you to dllewell for letting me start by building from their PFRPG - Feats (Eventually Not needed as my mod uses their's as its base but until I finish this, It is highly recommended)

IF you like using Auras and want to be able to see them on the map, I highly recommend the next extension BUT it does cost $.

Complete Offensive Package - Auras  by Rob2E

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